Thursday, November 2, 2017

Parking Commitee Meeting - Nov 2017

Nov 1, 2017

Attending: Larry, Bruce, George and Dom

1. Larry update:
a. parking capital account, $589,487
b. fiscal year to date net revenue, $256,000
c. Total, $845,487
d. Texaco Ave lot, uptown: 

Total 56 spaces would be available, Lot to be metered, PJ Board will consider this proposal at next board meeting.

2. Kevin update

What was the top 5 used spaces - ?


What was average duration of all spaces?

3:00:14 (3hrs, 14secs)

Of the 6724 APP transactions - How many re-upped for more time?

There were a total of 121 

How many sessions were over 7 hours?


3. Dicken's will use Jitney again. We rec net parking funds to be used for festival costs.

4. Next parking meeting November 29, at VH 6 PM

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