Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Parking Commitee Meeting - Sept 2017

September 13th 2018
Marianne, Dom, George, Kevin, Bruce and Andrew

1. Kevin:
A. Two meters out...Ruvo and Maple Ave was a coin jam.
B. Most days meters are at 100%
C. Requested a spare parts list for meters
D. New mobile app there is no time lag. Payment is immediate. 
E. With new merchant pass, we need to have the old pass returned.
F. Parking questions on social media one at a time. This has been getting excellent feedback.
G. There are a few more mobile app companies to meet with for further discussion.
H. Produce a video with info on the village playing in a loop on the Jitney.
I. Jitney is available for Dickens Dec. 1/2/3

2. Andrew with cameras:
A. Proposal for two Camera's in Rocket Ship park. 180 degree panoramic. Full view. It can zoom in on license plate numbers.

B. Camera on the Regency in lower PJ

3. Reports on valet challenges

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