Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 2018 Talking Points

Meeting took place September 12th , 6pm to 8pm

Dom Famularo - Parking Committee member
George Westbay - Parking Committee chairman
Lisa Richmers - Village of Port Jefferson
Kevin Wood - Village of Port Jefferson
Trustee, Larry LaPointe
Kathianne Snaden - Resident
Marianne Ketcham - Parking Committee member and BID treasurer
Art Epp, BID Director
Bruce Passarelli, BID Director, Parking Committee member
Charmaine Famularo - Port Jeff Resident
Vince Ruggiero - Port Jeff Resident

Talking Points and Topics:
  • Art Epp started us out with wonderful history dating back to 1977 where the Village also had experienced parking challenges - (will post doc here)
  • Lisa Richmers went over Code changes for retail, as it relates to parking being voted on by the board of Trustees on Sep 17th at 3:30pm board meeting.
  • Committee was unaminous in support of the changes recommended by planning
  • Texaco Parking Update - By Kevin
  • Barnum Ave Parking Lot Update - By Kevin and Larry LaPointe
  • Electric Cars Update - By Kevin and Bruce
  • Parking admin reviewed App for parking and the future of same

Next meeting TUESDAY Oct 2, 2018(Not Wednesday)

Talking points wished to be raised at the meeting should be emailed in advance to: kwood@portjeff.com

Thursday, August 16, 2018

August 2018 Taking Points

Present: Kevin Wood, Dom Famularo, Michael Mart, Art Epp, Bruce Passarelli, Marianne Ketcham
Larry LaPointe left before the PAY BY PHONE presentation

Talking Points:
- Barnum Parking Update
- Texaco Parking Update
- Total Metered Space count audit is 581 spaces and 19 handicapped

The bulk of this meeting was a very positive presentation by Adam Krieg of PAY BY PHONE
Adam explained that thier company is owned by auto giant, VW and the positive advantages of their platform.

Friday, July 13, 2018

July 2018 Talking Points


Parking Committee Meeting

Present: Larry LaPointe, Kevin Wood, Dom Famularo, George Westbay, Mariane Ketcham, Michael Mart, Barbara Ransome, Bruce Passarelli
Talking Points
  • Cleaning Dumpster and Cleaning space # 17 bring to Barb Sakovich's attention
  • Min 25 tokens - sale is the new minimum
  • Smart cards for ambassadors - They have them
  • Ads Printed on Back of Meter  Receipts - Who best do the sales?
  • Electric car Charging stations -  New lot on Barnum
  • Bruce to replace signs in Meadow parking lot on his spaces
  • We are to look into space available reporting signs technology
  • Valet program is officially over - 
  • Mike Mart - Red Jitney people from HS to Port Jeff village - Institute an Employees Pilot program 
  • Huntington got state grant which proves there is money out there for parking facilities
Possible places for more parking expansion
  • Raise tennis court
  • 2nd level gap
  • Caroline Ball field (Parkland) 
  • Barge
  • Larry gave Barnum Update 
  • Michael Mart concerned with increase in need for parking but less space available
  • Reports on Parking money in the bank
  • Will run a Session report year over year 
  • Thus far in 2018 ,  68,541 sessions
  • The future of electric shuttles in parking lots and to and from HS 
Next Meeting Aug 15, 2018 - 6pm

Friday, June 15, 2018

June 2018 Talking Points

Meeting , Wed June 13, 2018

In attendance: Dom, Bruce, Artie and Marianne

  • Getting board support for replacing up to 4 old meters with new ones electrified - We see that the new meters accepting CASH are doing stellar numbers
  • Discounts for 500 or more tokens purchased
  • Our APP company is getting smaller - not larger and failing on technical issues 
  • We had a record revenue weekend of $14,000 plus last weekend.
  • Valet - We have not had more than 45 cars in a weekend for each of the 3 weekends - We as a committee should weigh in - how long this second pilot should last?
  • JITNEY efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Do we want to start to discuss a 2nd level of parking above the gap lot?
  • Ambassadors are doing incredibly positive deeds for our parking program and visitors
  • Temporary Barnum lot is ready to use

Please send talking points to: kwood@portjeff.com

Next Meeting 7/11/18 @ 6:00

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May 2018 Meeting Talking Points

May 9, 2018 

In attendance:Larry, George, Bruce, Artie and Marianne

Parking Ambassadors-2 will be hired
  • Barnum Lot-meeting with building dept. and planning to develop a timeline for completion
  • Texaco Lot- delays with contractor
  • New Meters doing well, discussion on replacing 2 meters at Danfords
  • Striping continues

Next Meeting 6/13 @ 6:00

Friday, March 9, 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

February 2018 Talking Points

      In Attendance:

      • Michael Mart
      • George Westbay
      • Dom Famularo
      • Kevin Wood
      Talking Points:
      • Demand Hour increase to $1.00
      • New Video Screen match the tariff 
      • Improve instruction signage
      • Memorial to Labor Day revenue Numbers - for George Westbay to approach to board - 
      • Employee parking challenges
      • 2 hr time limit streets - resident free but limited - 
      • Suggest an hour all around - Street Parking
      • Defining C1 business district
      • We need a written Policy on who gets merchant parking permits
      • Barnum Parking Update - Design foot prints
      • Land swap with shipyard- 
      • INCENTIFY - Parking on Barnum ?
      • Texaco Lot should be up and running next 30 days - 
      • MTA changes - what and when?
      Mike Mart:
      • Asked about Linden Parking
      • Village will manage and meter lot 
      • 17 spaces for guest parking
      • Mike asked about Barnum start?
      • Variance for parking - Burger Bistro - 
      • Hearing March 3rd - Parking on Sheldrake
      • Are we codified?
      • Managed Parking $ from Rec center -?
      • Michael made a point that the parking committee should be notified and involved in all things parking
      Kevin Wood mentioned:
      • Trolley as opposed to Jitney?
      • Port Jeff to Patchogue service
      • Brookhaven parking lot usage 
      Parking committee meetings are the 2nd WEDNESDAY of the MONTH unless a holiday - Next Meeting - March 14th, 2018