Friday, February 14, 2020

February 2020 Parking Committee Meeting Notes

Meeting: 6pm , adjourned  7:35pm
121 West Broadway Port Jefferson NY 11777

Present: Kevin Wood, Dom Famularo, George Westbay, Marianne Ketcham, Kathianne Snaden, Maria Palmar - Visitation by resident Tom Provencher from 6pm to 6:26pm

Resident Tom Provencher visited the meeting to ask if a special permit could be given to him to load in and out and stay parked on main street as he is a private working musician for 1 or more of the private restaurants on main street. He stated his 50 year music career in Port Jeff should be considered - Co-Directors of the parking committee have taken under advisement, "Trustee Snaden will discuss with Mayor and Code". 

Thank you to Dom Famularo for Donuts and Coffee

Shuttle Update:

The PJ/Shuttle will continue Spring and Fall semester - with financial help from the PORT JEFF BID. The parking dept (Kevin Wood) and Joan Dickinson had made a presentation to the BID on February 11th. We are thankful to the BID for their support and will be reporting to the BID on ridership and other metrics.  the remaining funding for this shuttle will come from metered funds and not from taxpayers - Proposed changes will be to run the shuttle later and include the HOTEL at SBU on the loop. We will be electroncially surveying riders this year as well.

Barnum Parking lot:

The BIDDING process is complete and the Village will be awarding the winning BID at Feb 18th Board meeting

April 1, metered parking will open at the same rates as last year

50 cents an hour 12 noon to 11pm
$1 an hour 12 noon to 11pm - Friday through Sunday

Dom Famularo would like to see the village charge $1.00 an hour every day.

EV Charger update
Under the management of Kevin Wood , the electric to the approved level 2 EV charger in the meadow lot at the mouth of the entrance to the Meadow lot - The charger will charge 2 cars at once.

The installation and cost of the charger is grantable and the village expects to get back 80% back via a grant that is being filed by Nicole Chritian, our grant writer.

Thank you to Art Epp for taking photos and examining the fact that Main and East Main street , parking street sign vary greatly in hours and max stay time - The committee had a discussion and came to the conclusion that less confusion and better turnover can take place by making both streets a consistent 8am to 8pm , 1 hour max parking - with the exception of the post office and the east side of East main street. This change will be brought before the board.

Note: As we looked at Art's photo- we realized the signs are not appealing - Trustee Snaden remarked that the village is looking at a redesign.

Discussion took place on leasing a barge in our harbor during peak months for overflow of parking on the barge. The committee will look into possibilities on this.

Discussion continued on the poossible location for Multi deck parking in the village - The village is investigating the viability of multi deck parking at the 'Gap Parking Lot" location.

Meeting adjourned - 7:35pm

Next Meeting : Wednesday,  March 11, 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

January 2020 Parking Committee Meeting Notes

Meeting: 6pm to 7:30pm
121 West Broadway Port Jefferson NY 11777

Present: Kevin Wood, Dom Famularo, George Westbay, Marianne Ketcham, Kathianne Snaden, Maria Palmar

Opening metered parking April 1, 2020 most likely at same rate structure

Adding a "Text to Park" option to pay

Multi deck parking possibilities, possible locations
  • Mariner's Way
  • Meadow parking
  • Tennis Parking
  • CVS Lot (Not owned by village)
Possibility of making East Main Street and or/ Arden 1 way streets

Next Meeting : Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Thursday, October 17, 2019

October 2019 Parking Committee Meeting

October 16
Present: Kevin Wood, Kathianne Snaden, Michael Mart, Mariane Ketcham, Bruce Passarelli


  • Multi- level parking
  • Peer to Peer Parkinhg (AirBandB Model)
  • After hour parking at businesses that close
  • Stepped pricing at the meters
  • Future of the land where Ferry office is?
  • Comparison of revenues to Croton on the Hudson Village, ($3m plus because of commuter parking)
  • Veterans Only Parking
  • What is the history behind why handicap is free?
  • Do other villages charge for handicap space?
  • How many handicap spaces do we have?
  • Stats indicate our app adoption has risen from 1% to 13%
  • Kevin showed article written by Josh Seidman of SBU re-Ports Jefferson on parking garages being the future of Port Jefferson dated: 2010
Metered Street Parking discussion
  • 10 am to 8pm
  • first 15 mins free
  • 25 cents for 15 minutes after
  • 2 hour max
  • Lolipop meters non electric?
  • Pay by NFC?

largest benefits discussed:
  • Fair and accurate enforcement
  • Better turnover
  • More inventory
  • Revenue for improvements in overall system
  • Creates less expensive parking $1 as opposed to $30 ticket
Meeting ended at 8pm

Friday, August 30, 2019

August 2019 Parking Committee Meetting

August 21, 2019 - Village Hall
In Attendance:
Kevin Wood
Michael Mart
Dom Famularo
George Westbay
Art Epp
Kathianne Snaden

VHB Plans for Mariners way - Proposal forthcoming

Discussion - Multi level parking Mariners Way

Michael Mart - new LED Lighting - Mariners way needed

Concerns on flooding Mariners way  - water table

Kathianne - Schwarting Study - Make Available - 

Tennis Court Multi Level 

Is Mariners way a street?

Space next to b ball court? Peace Pole to be installed- 

Mart - barge Purchase for expanded parking - 

Restriper mariners Parking meanwhile - lighting ?

Text 2 park - trial

Call to park should have 2 hour minimum as the app does

Meter streets ?
Residents included ?

Limit to time on streets - 


Michael Schwarting - "put the park back in parking" where is copy?

Discussion on metering Main and East Main

Qwikride discussion

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

July 2019 Parking Committee Meetting

PJ Parking Committee Meeting
July 10, 2019
Held at Port Jefferson Village Hall
Chaired by Dr. George Westbay
In attendance:
Kevin Wood, Parking Administrator
Stella Tessler
Marianne Ketcham
Bruce Passarelli
Steve Velasquez
Michael Mart
Trustee Kathianne Snaden

Meeting opened at 6:02pm

● KW updated committee on the status of Barnum Lot. Should move to bid in 30 days.
● MK & BP questioned cost of project being higher than previous projects. KW indicated
higher material and labor costs.
● Discussion of placement of meters discussed. Agreed to do one, but have base/electric
ready for a second.
● KW indicated Barnum Lot may have good chance to get grant money.
● GW stated lot will be gated at midnight
● BP suggested parking be free or that employees could park free
● Tabled ideas for Barnum lot

● KW excellent response to SB/PJ Shuttle, more difficult for local Jitney.
● SV weekend Jitney no consistency
● KW said vehicles are tracked and users can see on app
● SV suggested renaming Jitney and new vehicle should be gas or natural gas
● KS discussed using Jitney for Greek Festival, August 22-25.

● KW received device/camera to test product. Camera sits above lot & looks at spots,
traffic movement. Will test for a month and report back results
● KW discussed solar light design
● KW reported Nicole (grant writer) is exploring merits of grant for new shuttle service

● GW Brought up Brookhaven Town not providing promised spaces. MM discussed the
AG’s office decision that it was alienation of parkland. KS said Egan (village attorney)
working on it now.
● MM discussed adding more parking by building a parking barge. Asked to bring photos
so committee can visualize.
● MM discussed Danford's application to Brookhaven and PJ to expand outdoor dining. MM
wants PC to make formal recommendation to BoT. Discussion tabled for committee to
get more info
● MM wanted to know how to get back on parking committee
● MM appears to be no parking enforcement on East Main.
● MM: When was price changed from $.25 per 1⁄2 hour to $.50 minimum?
● KW indicated it has always been 50 cent minimum since he arrived in July of 2017 and a dollar minimum for credit card payment
● MM: 1hr Parking signs in front of Schafer’s are gone. Where are they?
● MM: Alleged issues with meter phone payment service and app usage.
● MM: Are we getting rid of meters and going straight to apps, because sign says so?
What about people without phones?
 KW subsequently indicated when a machine is at the end of it's useful life we will look to convert to app - Proven to have worked very well for tennis court location where meter previously existed - overall at least a 5 year plan - APP usage has quintupled in the last 2 months.
 MK: Concerned about parking ambassadors having keys to machines. MM said it would
invalidate warranty.
 KW subsequently indicated ambassadors never have had nor will have kets to cash boxes
● MM: Is village still selling bags of tokens?
 KW subsequently indicated YES at a 20% discount - many restaurants and fishing boats buy

Meeting adjourned 7:45pm

Next meeting 2nd Wed of the month

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

June 2019 Parking Commitee Meeting

June 12, 2019

Meeting started 6:02pm

Dr. George Westbay, Dom Famularo, Bruce Passarelli, Marianne Ketchum, Kathianne Snaden, Arthur Epp(Kevin Wood at IPMI)

Shuttle is now operating as the Jitney, 300 plus rides, LIRR South parking lot is a great option for event based volume

Mention of 2nd level on Gap Parking lot - Mr Wood will be calling in consultants for solid ideas and drawings. With the building of the Barnum parking lot - the village has exhausted all other possibilities for further expansion - the Port Jefferson urban renewal plan called for looking at multi level space only after all other alternatives have been exhausted.

Discussed possible placing cameras at PJCC  parking lots- no incidents at lot

Parking app has a 8% plus adoption rate - we have quintupled the rate since Mr Wood started to focus on promoting it's new use.

Discussion about FREE EV chargers, signage and how code restrictions might apply

Kevin Wood was at IPMI conference, the largest parking and mobility conference in the world - we are sure he will share what he learned there.

Barnum lot - D & B Engineers, surveys done - $600k plus estimate included prevailing wage.  Bond is paid off and we will let public know.

There are 2 trees over the parking spaces behind Tiger Lily maybe should be removed due to dropping fruit and bird droppings on vehicles.

Parking issues are now the "in thing" to discuss in villages.  Many surrounding communities have started their own parking committees.

Discussion about "lollipop" meters on Main St.  You can program them any way you want including first 15 minutes free for those who want to just run in a store and pick something up.

Meeting adjourned at 6:46pm

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

May 2019 Parking Commitee Meeting

May 2019 Parking Commitee Meeting - May 22nd , 6pm at Village Hall

Attended by:
Dom Famularo, George Westbay, Bruce Passarelli, Kevin Wood, Marianne Ketcham

Talking Points:
1 - Code ticket stats by George Westbay
2 - Review of start of parking season 4/15/19
3 - Meter moved from tennis to Main Street
4 - IPI Parking show - June 9 to 12, CA - New technologies recommend Mr Wood to attend
5 - Review PJ/SBU Shuttle success - and Jitney schedule moving forward May 24th
6 - Review Barnum Parking Lot Plans - Survey Due June 1
7 - Review future parking expansion possibilities
8 - Volta EV charger alternatives

Mr Wood - Left by 7pm