Friday, July 13, 2018

July 2018 Talking Points


Parking Committee Meeting

Present: Larry LaPointe, Kevin Wood, Dom Famularo, George Westbay, Mariane Ketcham, Michael Mart, Barbara Ransome, Bruce Passarelli
Talking Points
  • Cleaning Dumpster and Cleaning space # 17 bring to Barb Sakovich's attention
  • Min 25 tokens - sale is the new minimum
  • Smart cards for ambassadors - They have them
  • Ads Printed on Back of Meter  Receipts - Who best do the sales?
  • Electric car Charging stations -  New lot on Barnum
  • Bruce to replace signs in Meadow parking lot on his spaces
  • We are to look into space available reporting signs technology
  • Valet program is officially over - 
  • Mike Mart - Red Jitney people from HS to Port Jeff village - Institute an Employees Pilot program 
  • Huntington got state grant which proves there is money out there for parking facilities
Possible places for more parking expansion
  • Raise tennis court
  • 2nd level gap
  • Caroline Ball field (Parkland) 
  • Barge
  • Larry gave Barnum Update 
  • Michael Mart concerned with increase in need for parking but less space available
  • Reports on Parking money in the bank
  • Will run a Session report year over year 
  • Thus far in 2018 ,  68,541 sessions
  • The future of electric shuttles in parking lots and to and from HS 
Next Meeting Aug 15, 2018 - 6pm

Friday, June 15, 2018

June 2018 Talking Points

Meeting , Wed June 13, 2018

In attendance: Dom, Bruce, Artie and Marianne

  • Getting board support for replacing up to 4 old meters with new ones electrified - We see that the new meters accepting CASH are doing stellar numbers
  • Discounts for 500 or more tokens purchased
  • Our APP company is getting smaller - not larger and failing on technical issues 
  • We had a record revenue weekend of $14,000 plus last weekend.
  • Valet - We have not had more than 45 cars in a weekend for each of the 3 weekends - We as a committee should weigh in - how long this second pilot should last?
  • JITNEY efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Do we want to start to discuss a 2nd level of parking above the gap lot?
  • Ambassadors are doing incredibly positive deeds for our parking program and visitors
  • Temporary Barnum lot is ready to use

Please send talking points to:

Next Meeting 7/11/18 @ 6:00

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May 2018 Meeting Talking Points

May 9, 2018 

In attendance:Larry, George, Bruce, Artie and Marianne

Parking Ambassadors-2 will be hired
  • Barnum Lot-meeting with building dept. and planning to develop a timeline for completion
  • Texaco Lot- delays with contractor
  • New Meters doing well, discussion on replacing 2 meters at Danfords
  • Striping continues

Next Meeting 6/13 @ 6:00

Friday, March 9, 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

February 2018 Talking Points

      In Attendance:

      • Michael Mart
      • George Westbay
      • Dom Famularo
      • Kevin Wood
      Talking Points:
      • Demand Hour increase to $1.00
      • New Video Screen match the tariff 
      • Improve instruction signage
      • Memorial to Labor Day revenue Numbers - for George Westbay to approach to board - 
      • Employee parking challenges
      • 2 hr time limit streets - resident free but limited - 
      • Suggest an hour all around - Street Parking
      • Defining C1 business district
      • We need a written Policy on who gets merchant parking permits
      • Barnum Parking Update - Design foot prints
      • Land swap with shipyard- 
      • INCENTIFY - Parking on Barnum ?
      • Texaco Lot should be up and running next 30 days - 
      • MTA changes - what and when?
      Mike Mart:
      • Asked about Linden Parking
      • Village will manage and meter lot 
      • 17 spaces for guest parking
      • Mike asked about Barnum start?
      • Variance for parking - Burger Bistro - 
      • Hearing March 3rd - Parking on Sheldrake
      • Are we codified?
      • Managed Parking $ from Rec center -?
      • Michael made a point that the parking committee should be notified and involved in all things parking
      Kevin Wood mentioned:
      • Trolley as opposed to Jitney?
      • Port Jeff to Patchogue service
      • Brookhaven parking lot usage 
      Parking committee meetings are the 2nd WEDNESDAY of the MONTH unless a holiday - Next Meeting - March 14th, 2018

      Thursday, January 18, 2018

      January 2018 Talking Points

      Parking Committee Meeting | Jan. 10, 2018
      Meeting took place at Village Hall from 6pm to 8pm We had a guest speaker call in at 6:30pm | Michael Klein - Discussing his role as a consultant in Parking Opportunities for our municipality. Michael is available to impart his knowledge and solutions for a fee.

      Present for the meeting:
      Kevin Wood
      Larry LaPointe
      Chief Wally
      Art Epp
      Andrew of Champs 
      Dom Famularo
      George Westbay

      Topics of the phone call included:
      • Urban Mobility
      • IPI Parking show in June
      • Market Based Parking Fees
      • Managed Parking 
      • Manage our parking by Data
      • Communications
      • Valet Parking
      • Virtual Systems
      • T2 Provider
      • Amsterdam Parking Show
      The room asked questions and Michael answered.

      Other topics discussed:
      • The hiring of D & B enineers to plan maximum parking lot plan at Barnum
      • Kevin and Larry have met with several parking meter and App vendors to keep on top of the latest technology
      • Kevin made contact with Huntington Parking Dept to compare notes
      • Meter rates for 2018


      Monday, December 18, 2017

      Mayor Announces Suspended Parking Dec 4th 2017

      Mayor Garant and Parking Administrator, Kevin Wood announce suspensionof metered parking until March 15, 2018