Friday, March 9, 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Parking Committee Meeting | 2/13/18

      In Attendance:

      • Michael Mart
      • George Westbay
      • Dom Famularo
      • Kevin Wood
      Talking Points:
      • Demand Hour increase to $1.00
      • New Video Screen match the tariff 
      • Improve instruction signage
      • Memorial to Labor Day revenue Numbers - for George Westbay to approach to board - 
      • Employee parking challenges
      • 2 hr time limit streets - resident free but limited - 
      • Suggest an hour all around - Street Parking
      • Defining C1 business district
      • We need a written Policy on who gets merchant parking permits
      • Barnum Parking Update - Design foot prints
      • Land swap with shipyard- 
      • INCENTIFY - Parking on Barnum ?
      • Texaco Lot should be up and running next 30 days - 
      • MTA changes - what and when?
      Mike Mart:
      • Asked about Linden Parking
      • Village will manage and meter lot 
      • 17 spaces for guest parking
      • Mike asked about Barnum start?
      • Variance for parking - Burger Bistro - 
      • Hearing March 3rd - Parking on Sheldrake
      • Are we codified?
      • Managed Parking $ from Rec center -?
      • Michael made a point that the parking committee should be notified and involved in all things parking
      Kevin Wood mentioned:
      • Trolley as opposed to Jitney?
      • Port Jeff to Patchogue service
      • Brookhaven parking lot usage 
      Parking committee meetings are the 2nd WEDNESDAY of the MONTH unless a holiday - Next Meeting - March 14th, 2018

      Thursday, January 18, 2018

      Parking Committee Meeting | Jan. 10, 2018

      Parking Committee Meeting | Jan. 10, 2018
      Meeting took place at Village Hall from 6pm to 8pm We had a guest speaker call in at 6:30pm | Michael Klein - Discussing his role as a consultant in Parking Opportunities for our municipality. Michael is available to impart his knowledge and solutions for a fee.

      Present for the meeting:
      Kevin Wood
      Larry LaPointe
      Chief Wally
      Art Epp
      Andrew of Champs 
      Dom Famularo
      George Westbay

      Topics of the phone call included:
      • Urban Mobility
      • IPI Parking show in June
      • Market Based Parking Fees
      • Managed Parking 
      • Manage our parking by Data
      • Communications
      • Valet Parking
      • Virtual Systems
      • T2 Provider
      • Amsterdam Parking Show
      The room asked questions and Michael answered.

      Other topics discussed:
      • The hiring of D & B enineers to plan maximum parking lot plan at Barnum
      • Kevin and Larry have met with several parking meter and App vendors to keep on top of the latest technology
      • Kevin made contact with Huntington Parking Dept to compare notes
      • Meter rates for 2018


      Monday, December 18, 2017

      Mayor Announces Suspended Parking Dec 4th 2017

      Mayor Garant and Parking Administrator, Kevin Wood announce suspensionof metered parking until March 15, 2018

      Thursday, November 30, 2017

      Parking Commitee Meeting - Dec 2017


      Kevin Wood, Dom Famularo, Bruce Passarelli, Marianne Ketcham, Larry LaPointe

      2018 Meetings will be the 2nd WED of every month in 2018
      6pm - 8pm
      Village Hall

      1. Barnum lot update
      Kevin and Larry met with both Neil Thompson - (Village Planner)
      and D & B Engineers - both parties walked the property at Barnum.
      We reviewed foot print and many ideas including ligting and "green" surface with Mill Creek in mind, as well as  entry  and exit points for the new lot which is expected to be metered albeit at possibly lower rates.

      The goal is to put out to bid by April 2018


      2. Kevin discussed possible upgrade of selected challenging meters, with a new more reliable model(same manufacturer) that would include video information panels.


      3. Meters will close on Dec 4th and winter maintenance will be performed


      4. We discussed the possibility of hearing from Michael Klein an experienced parking consultant - We decided he would be invited in person or on phone for our next meeting to hear what his proposal would entail.


      5. A discussion on metering the street revealed that DOT would have to be involved in such approval if it was to be considered at all.


      6. Kevin spoke about the new upgraded Merchant validation program with Mobile NOW(Our APP provider) - Kevin suggestedinviting merchants to a luncheon atthe Village Ceter in February before the start of the 2018 parking season - At that luncheon the program could be outlined, explained and demonstrated. The luncheon would also serve as good will to merchants from the parking department.


      7. Texaco lot update(uptown) - going forward - construction to start as soon as asphalt suppliers are available 


      8. The group took a walk for an infield visit of 5 meters - the group learned the positives, negatives and realities of a typical vistor to Port Jeff and their expereince with our meters.

      Topics included sign placement, number of signs, heights meters , lack of lighting, unclear instructions, reliability of transaction on certain meters, parking lot conditions, markings and more.


      9. A final email will be sent to all on the Parking Commitee group outlining this last meeting of  2017 after which meeting dates, outlines and notes will be at

      We want to thank Dom Famularo for all his years taking notes(and kind knowledge and communication) for the parking commitee and meetings - he will be passing that "baton" to Kevin Wood - who will continue the notes and make them publicly available at a link off of the parking page at to ensure full transparency.

      Thursday, November 2, 2017

      Parking Commitee Meeting - Nov 2017

      Nov 1, 2017

      Attending: Larry, Bruce, George and Dom

      1. Larry update:
      a. parking capital account, $589,487
      b. fiscal year to date net revenue, $256,000
      c. Total, $845,487
      d. Texaco Ave lot, uptown: 

      Total 56 spaces would be available, Lot to be metered, PJ Board will consider this proposal at next board meeting.

      2. Kevin update

      What was the top 5 used spaces - ?


      What was average duration of all spaces?

      3:00:14 (3hrs, 14secs)

      Of the 6724 APP transactions - How many re-upped for more time?

      There were a total of 121 

      How many sessions were over 7 hours?


      3. Dicken's will use Jitney again. We rec net parking funds to be used for festival costs.

      4. Next parking meeting November 29, at VH 6 PM

      Wednesday, September 13, 2017

      Parking Commitee Meeting - Sept 2017

      September 13th 2018
      Marianne, Dom, George, Kevin, Bruce and Andrew

      1. Kevin:
      A. Two meters out...Ruvo and Maple Ave was a coin jam.
      B. Most days meters are at 100%
      C. Requested a spare parts list for meters
      D. New mobile app there is no time lag. Payment is immediate. 
      E. With new merchant pass, we need to have the old pass returned.
      F. Parking questions on social media one at a time. This has been getting excellent feedback.
      G. There are a few more mobile app companies to meet with for further discussion.
      H. Produce a video with info on the village playing in a loop on the Jitney.
      I. Jitney is available for Dickens Dec. 1/2/3

      2. Andrew with cameras:
      A. Proposal for two Camera's in Rocket Ship park. 180 degree panoramic. Full view. It can zoom in on license plate numbers.

      B. Camera on the Regency in lower PJ

      3. Reports on valet challenges